Bienale de Lyon 2014
Video color-Duration 6:29

For this work, Deller and Bengolea explored Greater Lyon – the districts, the differences and also the connections. When Deller met Denis Trouxe, former cultural councillor for Lyon, in his cosy villa at Champagneau- Mont-d’Or (a rich suburb to the west of Lyon), Bengolea and Trouxe wrote a song – a rap with markedly ironic words – that the two artists got him to perform, along with Domy Caramel, Latys Shye and Sarah, three Dancehall dancers from Vaulx-en-Velin, in the east of the Greater Lyon area. The result is a strange video clip, both disturbing and at the same time charming, that, for the space of a few moments, brings together two sections of the same urban zone that seldom meet or speak to each other.